Private Chats and an Instant Data Exchange

The employers are always striving to make the business process quick and efficient. That’s why the majority is using LAN messenger that ensures full data protection and provides many useful functions. LAN private chats deserve specific attention as they are easy to use and they let the employees discuss different work-related moments without the fear of the information being leaked or stolen. Data transfer within these chats is also a convenient process that happens in a matter of seconds. There are just a couple of things about office chat app like you should know about their functioning to make your work even more productive.

Private Chats

LAN messenger offers private chats that are represented by several key features. First, by using LAN private chats, two people can communicate regardless of what departments they are in. However, it’s important to know that since LAN functions within the local area network, only users who are working within this network will be able to interact. Outside communication is impossible.

To start a one-on-one chat with someone, all you have to do is click on the icon of the person you want to communicate with and then write a message in the conversation window that will open. You can initiate discussions both in online and offline modes. The only difference is, if the other person is logged in, you’ll be able to chat in real time, and if they are not at their workplace, your message will still be delivered securely, but only when the user appears online.

That’s another advantage of LAN messenger as it doesn’t require any server for additional storage. Your message will be kept within the system in an encrypted state until it’s delivered.

Private chats also allow their users to see whether the recipient has opened their message. It means that if any valuable information isn’t seen on time by the other user, the sender can call them or take other direct actions.

Instant Data Transfer

LAN chats have an easy and quick way of exchanging files. There are two ways of doing it.

  • Dragging and dropping the file onto the user’s icon;
  • Dragging and dropping the file onto the conversation window.

The advantage is that both of these ways work momentarily. They require just two clicks. You have to pick the file and drag it directly either toward the icon of the person you’re sending it to or drop it right onto the conversation window. The transfer process will start automatically, so you don’t need to do anything else. It usually takes about 5-20 seconds, depending on the size of the file. After the transfer is complete, the link for downloading it will appear automatically on the recipient’s end.    

LAN messenger provides perfect one-on-one chats with secure messaging and instant data transfer. It’s convenient, safe, and it takes the minimum amount of time.