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    Private Chats and an Instant Data Exchange

    The employers are always striving to make the business process quick and efficient. That’s why the majority is using LAN messenger that ensures full data protection and provides many useful functions. LAN private chats deserve specific attention as they are easy to use and they let the employees discuss different work-related moments without the fear of the information being leaked or stolen. Data transfer within these chats is also a convenient process that happens in a matter of seconds. There’re just a couple of things you should know about their functioning to make your work even more productive. Private Chats LAN messenger offers private chats that are represented by several…


    LAN Messenger as a Chat Created Specifically to Your Business

    Many employers are deeply concerned about the business safety of their enterprise. If you’re among them, worry no further! The solution to the issue of security breaches and business correspondence leakage is simple. LAN messenger will protect your organization and provide your employees with the most convenient and functional system of chats. Furthermore, you’ll be able to tailor it specifically to the needs of your company. LAN Chats Options Chats introduced through LAN messenger provide the following options. Private chats; Group chats; Automatic message encryption. Private chats let two users situated within one local network interact and exchange files. It’s one of the most common types of chats, but the…