LAN Messenger: The Complete Control over Chat Users and Its Content

Having a smooth and efficient working process is a must for every enterprise that strives to be successful. The employees are the main strength of business organizations and the way they spend their working time can have a significant influence on the employer. That’s why using LAN messenger listed at Capterra, which functions within a local area network only, is a great option for every business. Apart from having many useful options, it also provides full control over the chat users and the content they’re sending.

Control over Users

LAN messenger allows multiple options of control over the users and the functions they can use. All you have to do is find an Admin file in the LAN installation folder and modify it as you see fit. In particular, it is possible to:

  • Stop users from changing their chat names;
  • Prevent them from viewing information about other users;
  • Limit their chat editing functions.

The most important thing to note is that you can be selective when restricting access to certain functions, so if you’re not sure you can trust the new employee or want to limit the activities of an intern, LAN messenger will provide you with a chance to decide what they can access.

By stopping users from changing their chat names, you’ll ensure that there are no difficulties with recognizing what name belongs to what employee. The trend to use nicknames can be fun and engaging in social media, but business communication requires certain standards to be established. When you need to contact a specific employee, it’s troublesome to try and locate them by sorting through dozens of unfamiliar nicknames, so clearly seeing which account belongs to what person will speed up the process.

When the employees are new or risky, it might be a good idea to restrict their access to information about other chat users. By clicking on the user’s icon, it’s possible to see what office they’re occupying, their phone number, and their department, and if you want to limit the interactions between certain individuals, all you have to do is restrict their access to this function.    

You can stop the users from adding or removing the users into and from chat rooms to avoid bias. This way, only heads of department will be able to control the process.

Control over Content

Content control is important when you want to check what your employees are doing with their time. By viewing employees’ messages history, you’ll be able to monitor what kind of information is exchanged.

For example, emojis can be a good addition to portray the mood of chat users, but sometimes they’re overused. The employees might chat through emojis without discussing work-related issues, so if someone overuses this function, you can easily disallow it.

Users control and content supervision are great ways of ensuring that your employees are actually working. LAN offers numerous ways of monitoring activity and editing access to its functions, so you only have to determine what users overuse what and choose a way to address it.