LAN Messenger as a Chat Created Specifically to Your Business

Many employers are deeply concerned about the business safety of their enterprise. If you’re among them, worry no further! The solution to the issue of security breaches and business correspondence leakage is simple. LAN chat like Realpopup chat will protect your organization and provide your employees with the most convenient and functional system of chats. Furthermore, you’ll be able to tailor it specifically to the needs of your company.

LAN Chats Options

Chats introduced through LAN messenger provide the following options.

  • Private chats;
  • Group chats;
  • Automatic message encryption.

Private chats let two users situated within one local network interact and exchange files. It’s one of the most common types of chats, but the difference is, LAN simplifies this process by making it quick while also introducing additional functions. For example, it’s possible to send a quick message to the user who’s currently offline, knowing that it’s going to be stored within LAN until the user logs back in.

Group chats are organized in several convenient ways. They can happen both between the members of one department and between different departments representatives. LAN messenger provides everyone with the opportunity to view information about each user, including what department they’re from. Because of this, it’s easy to find people you need to start a chat with.

Another reason why LAN chat will be a great addition to your business is that it ensures secure messaging, data exchange, and overall business safety. Each message, along with the files attached, is automatically encrypted through the protection module installed within the LAN system. No one but the recipients will be able to retrieve the sent files, which prevents them from being leaked. The fact that LAN functions without the Internet means that all chats are secure because they are isolated from all kinds of outside dangers.    

Tailoring LAN Chat to Your Needs

One of the best options that will make LAN messenger perfect for you is that you’ll be literally able to make it perfect by modifying it the way you want. By accessing the Admin file provided in the LAN installation folder, you’ll have the complete control over users and chats. You can restrict certain chat functions for all users or for specific groups. For example, if you notice that someone is overusing emojis and turning conversations private, you can disallow this function.

You can also control what rights each user has. For instance, you can let the heads of departments move and add the employees in various group chats while preventing other individuals from doing it. You can also stop the employees from changing their nicknames to ensure that the network looks professional and that it’s easy to locate the person you need by viewing their account info.

LAN messenger will enhance your business productivity as it offers a secure communication system. Furthermore, you can change its functions and toy with access options until you’ve tailored it to your specific needs!