The Top Advantages of Chats with Message Encryption

The modern ways of hacking, stealing, and damaging confidential information are a source of worry for many businessmen. They spend money on trying to protect their business correspondence by installing top-notch security systems with anti-hacking features. However, there’s a much simpler solution. Get LAN messenger at the official download page. It is an offline system that offers chats with automatic message encryption. This way of communication has some considerable advantages that involve:  

  • Implementing advanced encryption standards;
  • Not requiring any special knowledge;
  • Ensure 100% business correspondence security;
  • Protecting all types of messages from being intercepted.

Advanced Encryption Standards

The first major advantage of the majority of LAN messenger encrypting chats is that they are built on the advanced encryption standards known as AES-256. This is the first method of encryption that has been accepted as the federal government standard. It was also approved and acknowledged by NSA itself, which is already a solid guarantee of its security. If NSA uses it to protect their secrets, your business is definitely safe!

No Special Operational Knowledge Needed

Contrary to common worries, despite the advanced encryption method, LAN chats do not require any special operational knowledge or assistance of the IT department. In fact, you won’t have to even do anything because encryption is an automatic part of LAN chats. They use it as their key exchange mechanism, so every message you send is already protected.   

100% Business Correspondence Safety Guarantee

With their strong protection mechanisms, LAN encryption chats make the process of messaging absolutely safe. Whether you or your employees use private or group chats, the content of the information being exchanged will be available only to chat participants.

LAN messenger works within a local area network, so chats’ safety algorithms cover all the employees situated within it. More than that, every message will be given a unique encryption code, one that will be deciphered only by the authorized users.

Encryption Extended to All Types of Messages

Another biggest advantage of LAN encryption chats is that they cover all types of content exchanged, not only text messages. It’s evident that the most important business information can be contained within attachments such as files, videos, presentations, images, etc. All these types of messages will also remain safe as encryption chats will automatically encrypt them.

Furthermore, LAN encryption chats also work with offline types of messages. It means that when one of the users is offline and someone sends them a message, it won’t be intercepted by anyone as the data are stored automatically within the LAN system itself. The message will be delivered once the recipient logs back in.   

LAN encryption chats are a great way of ensuring business security as they protect all content exchanged between chat participants. With their special encryptions codes, no one apart from the authorized users will be able to read the data.